Tuesday, September 25, 2007


This is one of Isaac's favorite things to do when Seth gets home from work. He loves to run out to the "purple Honda," and ask "can I beep da horn?" How can I refuse such an innocent request?

Several beeps later, and plenty of looks from the neighbors, he's ready to drive for a few minutes. That leads to turning all of the knobs, buttons, turn-signals, and windshield wipers; anything he can get his hands on. I figure it is good for him to learn to be interested in mechanical things, like Pops.

My favorite is when he turns the radio "on," and begins to sing. I'll post a video of that later. Most of all, I love that he's excited to see me when I get home from work, and that we both love our "purple" Honda.
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Karis said...

The little things that bring them so much joy! Looking forward to seeing the video of Isaac singing with the radio -- one of my favorite things is to hear Kayla singing in her room when she doesn't know I'm listening.