Saturday, November 10, 2007

Our Growing Family

As I've said, we aren't too regular about posting. Sorry for that--although given the lack of complaining, I don't know that anyone is missing (reading) our posts. :)

Our boys are both starting to go through growth spurts, as you can see from the picture on the right. He's getting big. Each day he seems to interact more, and is a joy to be around. If we could just convince him that it's best to sleep the whole night...

For Isaac, each day brings a new adventure for him, and corresponding challenge for us. His pants are starting to look like he's waiting for the flood waters to roll in (where's the closest beach?). He figured out how to jump into his car seat in a single bound (an impressive feat), and as his overall speed increases, his overall fear decreases. He loves to throw anything, and sometimes it happens to be something that should be thrown, like a football. He loves playing basketball in the drive way, living room, or with any type of basket-like receptacle. And, he still loves to 'nuggle. That's my boy.

Renee and I are co-leading a house church on Wednesday nights, which has both challenged and strengthened us. We are trying to understand the true meaning of Love God, and love your neighbor. To borrow a phrase I read a couple of days ago (here), life is the point of life. I take that to mean that God has placed us here to impact His kingdom now, not yesterday, and not tomorrow. Quite a challenge.
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