Wednesday, July 23, 2008

July Update

Greetings all. I've been much more delinquent posting to this blog than planned. My new goal is to post an update once a week (or so), so please check back for more...later.

I spent some time on Facebook tonight catching up with some friends and family. It's a great tool, but also an amazing time user/waster. I'll leave that up for you to decide. I also spent some time reading rss feeds, catching up on sports and news from around the legal technology and GTD worlds.

As I was browsing, however, it struck me that I was consuming a great deal of content prepared by people paid for their writing (ESPN) or by people sharpening their writing skills with something useful to contribute.

So, off with the procrastination (I should be doing some "real" work), and back to actually contributing something, rather than just consuming. There are some spiritual parallels here as well, but I'll save that for another time.

Our family is doing well. I is growing up fast, too fast. Renee and I were just commenting on how he's acting more like a teenager than a toddler (I know, what do we know, right?). He's been riding his "two-wheel" bike with training wheels while I jog beside him. That's been great exercise for me, and fun for him too. He's definitely going to be an athlete, given the level of his coordination and love for all things active. He already throws straighter (and sometimes further) than I do, so we'll have to channel that into the activity he really enjoys (c'mon I, think basketball, basketball, but no pressure).

A is fighting another ear infection, but seems to be handling it well. He's getting close to walking, but still chooses crawling as his favorite mode of transportation. This afternoon, I put him down in the grass to play while Renee and I talked about his doctor's appointment. He crawled over to the garage, got out a plastic golf ball, crawled back out to the porch, and wanted to play catch. That worked great, except that he's still learning that you need to let go of the ball if you want to have the other person catch it. It's fun to see him start grasping the concept of interacting and playing with others. He's also started to give kisses, and even laid down in his crib tonight when I told him to. Our little boy is growing up.

Renee is keeping busy with all things boys, and helping out with MOPS this year. She can give more details on that process later, but she's excited and travelling from store to store picking up items for all the moms. From the sounds of things, it's going to be a great year for everyone.

Me? I like to hang out in the background and watch my family grow. I'm still learning what it means to be a good husband, dad, lawyer/attorney (whatever is more politically correct), son, brother, friend, etc. I'm sure I struggle in all of those areas, but God is teaching me and molding me. I've been playing basketball again with a bunch of guys from a local church (College Park), and it's been great. Definitely something I look forward to every week.

That's the update from here. I'll try to keep you up to date more often so it's not such a strain to read. Check out a video from our Thomas the Tank Engine trip a couple of weeks ago. I and the rest of the gang had a "blast."

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