Friday, October 24, 2008

The Aldi Queen

I do not give myself this name, but I am quoting a blog I found, thanks to my friend Kate. Those who know me well know I love a good bargain. Aldi grocery store is my kind of place because it is not too big (think Wal-Mart), yet you can find almost everything you need there. The best thing is that I can take the boys grocery shopping with me and not resort to abandoning the full shopping cart, dragging the angels behind me. Asher is content to eat animal crackers and Isaac is my "helper" while we shop, as we did this rainy Friday afternoon. I had my list, organized by aisle for my local Aldi, and we only veered from the list a handful of times. I like to try new Aldi foods, such as their cookie dough (I will never make homemade again!) and cheddar rice cakes (Isaac likes them for dessert). If you have the chance, give Aldi a chance and see how far your grocery budget can take you. If you need convincing, this site has a PDF you can download, comparing Aldi and Wal-Mart prices. You never know, you may like the Aldi brand better than the name happened to us!

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Karis said...

My mom would drive an hour when we were growing up to stock up at Aldi's. Of course, gas was a lot cheaper back then, but even with gas included, it saved her money than shopping at the local grocery stores (we didn't have a Walmart in our town -- can you believe that -- that's unheard of these days). I remember the back of our van would be full. She would buy 30 boxes of cereal, a flat of tuna, 15 bags of chips, and on and on -- of course we were a family of seven. If they would've had an Aldi's in Hampton Roads, I definitely would've shopped there.

You're such a good wife and mom, my thrifty friend! And it's fun too, isn't it? It's work but it's a thrill when you see how much you saved at the end (or as it sometimes goes what you could buy extra that week :-).