Saturday, November 1, 2008

Isaac Update

I used to e-mail Isaac Updates to our family while we lived in Virginia. Here is another installation for old times sake. Also for old times sake, here is a baby picture of Isaac (our camera is out of service). An Asher Update will be coming soon! Isaac has been doing well during his school time this fall. He and I practice handwriting, reading, and math three to four days per week, usually right after breakfast while Asher plays in his room. Isaac is now writing his name and almost all letters of the alphabet (still practicing Q and Y), grasping some addition and subtraction concepts, and is reading some three letter words. He goes to a homeschool co-op preschool one day a week, which he loves and gives me some one-on-one time with Asher (my shopping buddy!). Isaac loves being read to and is reading Charlotte's Web each night before bed with Seth. He loves playing outside in our backyard, especially cooking in the firepit (pretend food and pretend fire!). Seth and I have started Isaac on a commission plan, based on Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Junior kit. Isaac earns commission (a dime) for each chore he does, and loses a dime for each offense. He is embracing this new program and it has really helped him take ownership of his behavior. He earns money for helping me with the laundry, helping take out the trash, picking up his room before bedtime, and helping clear the dinner table. He is saving his money for Lightening McQueen cars and so far has 40 cents! The first few days of this program, Isaac followed me around the house, right on my heels, asking "Can I help you with that?" and "Can I have a dime if I _______?" It is hard to believe Isaac will be four years old on November 12th. He has developed into a loving, smart, and thoughtful little boy. Seth and I are excited to see what God has in store for Isaac and are thankful for our Isaac!

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