Thursday, December 18, 2008

My family (mostly mom and dad) made a list of "must-see movies." The ones below are titles I have never seen, or have seen long ago, and is only part of the list they made with Aimee. Let me know if I have missed any must-sees...or if any titles are a must-miss ;)
  1. Gone with the Wind
  2. Dr. Zhivago
  3. An Office and a Gentleman
  4. A Few Good Men
  5. The Interpreter
  6. Shall We Dance
  7. 2001 Space Odessey
  8. Mama Mia
  9. Dangerous Minds
  10. Breach
  11. Great Escape
  12. Cape Fear
  13. Bonnie and Clyde
  14. Butch Cassidy
  15. Papillion
  16. Rebel w/o a Cause
  17. On the Waterfront
  18. Tahiti
  19. Cloepatra
  20. Swiss Family Robinson
  21. Poseidon Adventure
  22. Time Machine
  23. The Crucible
  24. Shane
  25. English Patient
  26. The Seventh Seal
  27. From Here to Eternity
  28. Ben Hur
  29. Spartacus
  30. Copying Beethoven (Summer's newest recommendation)
  31. The Sound of Music (what movie list would be complete without this beloved?)


Seth Wilson said...

Where's The Matrix? We haven't seen that for a long time...

Karis said...

So many here we haven't seen and we can rent movies online. It takes the good part of a day for them to download, but at least we can get movies in English!