Thursday, January 15, 2009

Asher's day

Asher had outpatient surgery today to have tubes put in his ears. Thank you to all who prayed and supported us these past few days! Asher was a great patient. I was amazed at how quickly he bounced back. From the surgery time if 8:30am until we got him home at 9:45am, he was fussy, vomiting in the car, groggy, and overall an unhappy camper. Once we got him home and settled him down, he got down from my lap, walked over to Grandpa (who came to stay with Isaac - thanks Grandpa!), and played cars. From that moment on, he was happy all day.

After an hour nap, Asher was good to go for the rest of the day. I was dreading the long, cold afternoon, but the boys mostly played (okay, they watched a video too). At one beautiful period of time today, I was folding laundry in the hallway and this is what I saw...

Isaac and Asher playing contentedly in their own rooms, without prompting! This has never happened before, so I asked myself "Why didn't we get Asher's ear tubes sooner?!" Just kidding, though he does already seem like a happier kid without the fluid in his ears and being able to hear better. Thanks again for your prayers. Life is good!

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Karis said...

Kids are just amazing when they bounce back so quickly.

And I loved the comment about "maybe we should've gotten this done sooner" since the boys played so nicely the day you posted this. I so understand that comment. :-)