Thursday, June 25, 2009

140 days

Isaac says he will learn to obey when he is five. 140 days till that day...Maybe he'll learn sooner?? He is making progress daily!

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Karis said...

140 days sounds like a long time but then again it means the end is in sight. :-)

This morning after correction #5, I asked Kayla when she was going to stop choosing her own way since she didn't like the results of that choice. She said, "Right away." Now that's too good to be true. :-)

What a process, but just like you said with Isaac, I can see progress with Kayla. And that keeps me from being overwhelmed with child #2 who is strong-willed and independent. :-) I thought you weren't supposed to get two in a row that way. The second one was supposed to be compliant and laid back. :-)