Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Five days until summertime! In the past, I have viewed this season with mixed feelings. Bad feelings because of the heat, sun (think skin cancer), and long days with rowdy boys. But this year I am choosing to look at the good things. I am thankful to be an at-home mom so I can play all day with my boys! Less pressure to do housework and at-home preschool work (self-imposed pressure, of course). We will learn how to stay cool in the pool and splash park. We will go on outdoor adventures hiking, picking berries, drinking lemonade in our backyard. We will rest in the heat of the day inside reading books and playing. We will catch up with friends and family as we enjoy these days together. Isaac starts preschool in September and all of a sudden that does not seem that far away.


Seth Wilson said...

I love the picture--makes it seem like time is flying (Just like I). Good perspective on life.

Renee Wilson said...