Saturday, July 25, 2009

Last vacation story

Since we have been home from vacation for three weeks, I should end the vacation blog story. If anyone is reading this and wants to hear more or see more pictures, you know who to ask :) Our favorite parts of vacation were being with family and being on the water. Family first, of course. We hadn't seen some of this side of the family for 4 or more years. It was fun to see our boys play with the cousins and get to know Seth's extended family. And to see my sister and her family, to get more one-on-one time with them.

One way we spent time together was on the water. Some family members had kayaks and that ended up being a favorite memory of the trip. You can see from the pictures it was so peaceful. The water was calm and the weather was cool. We also enjoyed much time on the beach, which was not sand, but rocks and shells. Isaac was on a mission to find as many pocket shells as possible. We even brought a few back to Indiana with us. We also road in Grampy's boat all the way around Orrs Island, where Seth's grandparent's house is. We saw lots of seals in the water and lying on a big rock.

Isaac has been asking when we will go back to Massachusetts and Maine...I tell him, "Maybe next summer!"

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