Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Empty Bookshelves

I love watching the snow fall. I enjoy playing in the snow. Don't love it, but enjoy it. I love the post-snow hot chocolate by the fireplace. I even love snow days. But today the "normal" snow day activities are getting old, as we've had a few snow days in 2010. Thankfully, I experienced a light bulb moment this morning: Empty Bookshelves. I emptied the boys' bookshelves (and then dusted them, of course) and stacked the books by the wall. This task-oriented mom now has a goal! To read each and every children's book we own aloud to my boys. I certainly won't accomplish this task today. Any guesses on how long it will take?


Seth Wilson said...

23 1/2 days

Karis said...

Wow, Seth, so exact! I think you have a great idea! And when you get tired of the books being off the shelves, you'll start reading any more. Or maybe that would just be me. What great parents you guys are!