Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Part 1: Painting the Kitchen/Living Room

I have been wanting to paint our living room/kitchen green for awhile now. I painted our dining room by myself, but painting the living room/kitchen was a much bigger task, at least mentally. So when my little sister Tiffany visited for a week, we tackled the project together. Lessons learned:
  1. There are way too many shades of green in this world.
  2. You can never take too many trips to Lowe's.
  3. Working with Tiffany is so much fun!

After much deliberation, we purchased a gallon (yes, a whole gallon) of "Ivy Green" paint. Tiffany and I were convinced that this was the perfect color for the living room/kitchen. As you can see in the photo below, it was not. The original Ivy Green is directly to the left of the white board. Nice, but not for this large of an area.

On to Plan B....Mixing "Ivy Green" with white to calm down the color a bit. Plan B backfired. Ivy Green became a very bright mint green. Seth, Tiffany, and I tried and tried to like the color, but it was indeed too bright.

Plan C.....Use the gallon of Ivy Green in the office upstairs. That project has yet to be completed. So we were back to square one in the kitchen. Instead of purchasing another gallon of paint, we decided to get two sample sizes of greens and try them out before purchasing the gallon....

We decided on the middle bottom color "Gentle Pasture." I LOVE it! Part 2 of this post will be the before-and-after pictures. Stay tuned!

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