Monday, January 17, 2011

Books to Read in 2011

In December, my sister and I painted the office. I love the red paint, chalkboard wall, new organization for the desk, and arrangement of the furniture! We have three bookshelves in the office that needed to be emptied, moved, then filled up with books again. It was fun to see the variety of books we own! I love, love, love the library and get so many books for our family to read from that great source (mainly books for the boys). However, while doing the office project, I realized that I have either never read some books that we own, or not read them in a long time. I am also in a Book Club with friends (currently reading The Screwtape Letters) and a Bible Study at church (Jesus the One and Only by Beth Moore this spring).

Below is a goal I made for 2011. I got the idea from Money Saving Mom.

Most importantly, I will listen to The Bible on CD (Old Testament and New Testament). Since we don't own an audiobook of the Bible, I saw what the library had. I am so thankful our library carries this audiobook. It is called The Bible Experience and is a TNIV translation (Today's New International Version). I am excited about this CD set because it has several people reading, and there is music and sound effects. I spend more time in the car these days, since Isaac is now in school, so I thought I would put this car time to good use! Seth has been listening to Psalms and Proverbs in the car with Isaac when he takes Isaac to school, which gave me this idea.












If/when I can get a copy, I will also read:
Do you have another recommendation?

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Seth Wilson said...

Very nice! It will be fun to see when you cross off the books.