Monday, January 31, 2011

The Children's Museum

During these cold, winter months, Asher and I have been enjoying The Children's Museum! It is 1.7 miles from Isaac's school, so Asher and I will eat a picnic lunch there, then have about two hours to play before it's time to pick up Isaac. They are closed on Mondays during the winter, which is hard to remember. I often find myself thinking "Today is a good day for the Children's Museum," but then I realize it is Monday. Sometimes we meet friends there, which Asher loves (though he acts shy at first). Sometimes its just me and my favorite three year old boy. He usually doesn't mind where we go or what we see. We enjoy people-watching and going where our interests lead. Trains, the carousel, and the Science area usually are favorites.

Sometimes I feel guilty for doing such a fun thing without Isaac. But then I remember the many enjoyable hours I spent with little Isaac at this same museum :) He has come a few times this winter, but overall it's been something I've done with Asher. I thought of taking Isaac after school, before we head home...but then thought better of it. After a full day of school, Isaac is ready to come home. And mom is ready to beat the traffic on the NE side of Indy!

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