Thursday, May 26, 2011

The 54 Days of Summer Vacation

Yes, I counted the number of days that make up Summer Vacation. Just to clarify...I am NOT counting down the days until school starts (August 18th), but am trying to savor the days...seriously ;)

I absolutely love being a mom, even on my hard days, and want to enjoy each day, whether they are in school or not. Obviously, the summertime gives us more time together. My goal for these 54 days of summer (not including weekends) is to help my boys explore the beauty of God's creation, enjoy my boys for who they are rather than trying to change them, pray for them daily (prayer journal), and set a good example for them through daily living. If I tell them to share, then I need to display generosity. If I tell them to be kind to others, I need to display kindness to friends and to strangers. If I tell them to speak kindly, I need to model the proper tone and words. If I tell them to limit their screen time (tv and video games), I need to model that with limited tv and computer time.

I hope this summer will be full of playdates with friends, visits with family, nature walks (see this post), YMCA pool, downtime at home (see this post), and maybe a couple of weekend trips (see sidebar of this blog "Midwest Trip Wish List"). Isaac is participating in Camp Oaks, where he will be in art camp from 9-noon one week. We also are participating in our church's Vacation Bible School program.

What are your summer plans?

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