Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Goals (RW)

2015 VERSE ~ Colossians 1:10
(Source for photo)

  •  Monthly dates with the boys (We gave them 12 envelopes as a Christmas gift. Each envelope is labeled with a month of 2015 and inside is a pre-set date Isaac/Mom, Asher/Dad, then switch the next month).
  • Read New Testament using a 5x5x5 Reading Plan.
  • Read one book aloud per month.
 Mature Spiritually
  • Journaling Bible using reading plans (I ordered this one and am excited to get it in the mail).
  • BSF - finish Moses study this semester and start Revelation study in September 2015.
  • During the Summertime, follow the "She Reads Truth" plan(s).

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