Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We hope you had a nice Christmas season! It's hard to believe the holidays are over. I am sad in a way to take down the decorations and put away the Christmas music, but am also looking forward to a few months of being in our routine. We joined the YMCA in November and have quickly made that part of our routine. I go to a Turbo Kick class on Monday and the boys go to the "kids YMCA." I'm going to start a Bible study on Tuesdays at our new church. Wednesdays we head to the library and Aldi. Thursdays is a play date with friends and Fridays are either MOPS or YMCA or Children's Museum. I usually find myself longing for warm weather so we can go outside, but I am reminding myself to be thankful for the time to play inside, read a lot to the boys (and myself), and drink hot chocolate. On another note, Asher is scheduled to get tubes in his ears next week. Please pray for a smooth procedure and recovery. Thanks and Happy Winter!

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Karis said...

I loved the family picture! Very, very cute.

I would love to do the YMCA class with you! That would be so fun to exercise (try a new exercise) with a friend. I would exercise with my friend Jalyn Ickes when we lived in Williamsburg, but I'm not so motivated here. And what I wouldn't give for an Aldi's here in Cameroon! :-) You're sure keeping busy -- the winter will go by quickly.