Monday, January 5, 2009

Isaac has been enjoying Starfall's website, which is a website devoted to teaching kids to read. Thanks to this website and practicing with Seth and me, Isaac is able to read three letter words and some four letter words. He still does level one for fun, but is mostly on level two "Learn to Read." He also likes the snowman and gingerbread games, and the matching games hidden in the lessons. I have never been one for computer and video games for kids, but I have made an exception with Starfall. He plays it a few times a week, mostly when I need to get some work done upstairs and the boys are not playing well together (yes, that does happen!). It is neat to see Isaac's brain developing as he learns to read...and to see his sense of humor as he dresses up a snowman with in silly ways! I need to get his giggle on camera to share the laughter :)

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