Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back to our Routine

After four snow days last week, we are all ready to return to our normal routine. We enjoyed the time at home and the boys got some quality time together. It was nice to have Uncle Nate snowed in with us Wednesday. The boys loved having him here to play cars and football. I was proud of myself that we watched very little tv/movies and played very little Wii. We read books, played card games and Candy Land, built forts, played cars and toys, and read more books.

Our normal routine goes something like this...Seth and I get up at 5 am to exercise. He does P90X in the living room, while I go to the YMCA until 6:15 am. Isaac's alarm goes off at 6:05 am (his choice), which wakes both boys up. We all get ready and are downstairs by 7:00 am for breakfast and pack lunches. Seth and Isaac leave at 7:30 am (I take Isaac once a week).

Asher and I enjoy some quiet minutes until 8 am or so. Sometimes he plays in the playroom while I have breakfast, or we read books. Then I do chores around the house until it's time to go run errands, go to Bible Study, meet friends, or whatever the day holds. Mondays we go to the library in Carmel for story time. Tuesday we go to Bible Study at church, then meet friends at the Children's Museum. Wednesday is grocery shopping day. Thursday is Turbo Kick. Friday is Yoga. Thursdays and Fridays, I go to the Y mid-morning instead of early morning, so I can go to Turbo Kick class and Yoga class (and so Asher can go to the Y, too).

Most days, we do rest time after lunch. At 2:30 pm, Asher and I leave to pick up Isaac from school. When we return home, Isaac usually likes to have play time by himself, then we do something football or basketball inside, go outside in the snow, play a board game, play a Wii game, etc. Dinner is around 6:00 when Seth gets home. The boys are in bed by 7:00 pm, which leave a couple of hours for Seth and me to get things done (kitchen clean-up, laundry, budget) or relax and watch a movie or read. I'm optimistic and excited for this week!

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