Friday, February 25, 2011


The boys (especially Isaac) has loved sports since birth. He loves all sports that involve a ball...especially football. Almost daily, he asks me to print a roster, which involves going to, copying and pasting a particular team's roster to an Excel spreadsheet, adding that team's photos (from Google images), and printing two rosters for my boys. Isaac studies and studies his rosters. He asks for the rosters to be sorted by either number, alphabetical by last name, or by position. He has even started writing his name "Isaac Wilson WR"...wide receiver. When watching a taped Colts game, he has his Colts roster in his lap, in addition to the opposing team's roster.

For Christmas, my sister Aimee and her family got the boys a Christmas gift. The toy is called "Football Guys." She found it at a little store in her hometown and knew the boys would love it. She was right. I wonder what in the world they played with before receiving this toy for Christmas. Both Isaac and Asher adore the toy, and have discussed saving their money for another Football Guy set, or a different sport, such as Baseball Guys or Hockey Guys.

Here are the boys studying their rosters and an NFL Playbook from Grandpa...

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