Thursday, April 7, 2011

20 Practical Ways to Stop Being Busy

I really enjoyed this article today from a blog called Peace & Projects. You can read the full article here, but the simplified list is below. I need to work on numbers 1, 3, and 15. How about you?

  1. Give yourself permission to use free time for yourself.
  2. Cancel appointments.
  3. Be at home.
  4. Call people instead of sending thank you cards.
  5. Listen to music when cleaning. 
  6. Simplify personal care. 
  7. Create a master grocery list.
  8. Create a monthly dinner menu.
  9. Cook simpler meals.
  10. Ask for help.
  11. Minimize stuff. 
  12. Minimize clothing and jewelry.
  13. Before you spend money on something, decide if you really need it. 
  14. Limit kids' extra-curricular activities.
  15. Say no.
  16. Leave breathing room between events.
  17. Set a timer.
  18. Create a lost and found bin.
  19. Have kids walk or ride bike.
  20. Try laundry/movie night. 

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