Friday, April 22, 2011

Updated Reading List

This post is more for my own sake, rather than for the blogworld, but maybe someone "out there" will benefit from my reading list. Do you have a reading list? Are you intentional about the books you read and the material you use to fill your mind? Eleanor Roosevelt once said "It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." Don't wish you could read more, do more, or be more. Plan for it! I strive to be the best wife, mom, and friend I can be, while focusing first on my relationship with Christ.

My original post was in January, where I shared my goal of reading 2-3 books per month in 2011. In that post, I also shared my idea of listening to The Bible on audiobook. I love the version I wrote about, but it was actually too dramatized. One or both boys are in the car with me 99% of the time, and the dramatized Bible was a little scary for them. I need to see if the library has another version. Any recommendations for an audio Bible? I open my Bible daily, even if just for a few minutes. I am enjoying my Bible Study called Jesus, The One and Only.

Our church is doing a 6 week video conference of Love & Respect. I was going to read that book in August, but moved it to May so I can re-read it before the conference. Seth & I are excited to go through the material together and see the videos. I did a study on the book Love & Respect a few years ago and thought the book was very practical.












If/when I can get a copy, I will also read:


Leanne said...

I've read Don't make me count to three...and every karen kingsbury book, except for the new Baily series! I'm not sure what all you have read...but I have A LOT of her books if you want to borrow! :-) Great reading list! I love to read and have been trying to get more done, both for fun and growth. Another book I would recommend, Preparing Him for the Other Woman. It starts giving you hints at the age of 3 on getting him ready date/marry. Scary thought...but good advice! :-)

Renee Wilson said...

Thanks for your comment, Leanne! I have read all of Karen Kingsbury's books also and especially love the Baxter family :) I'll have to check out the book Preparing Him for the Other Woman. What a good reminder to be praying for our sons in that way.