Monday, May 2, 2011

May Flowers

"April showers bring May flowers"

We had a record setting April with the amount of rain. We are happy that spring is here and we have had a few beautiful days! Hopefully, May will bring more days to be outside, plant our garden, and plant flowers.

My 2011 reading list is coming along well! I posted an update a couple of weeks ago. I have finished A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Lift. This week, I will finish Lord, I Want to Know You and For the Children's Sake.

May is an exciting month for the Wilson house! Here are a few of our happenings...
  • Seth will receive an award tomorrow from Indiana Lawyer. Click here, then go to page 14. I am so proud of him!
  • Isaac's last basketball game for the YMCA Hawkeyes team this Saturday, accompanied by trophy day.
  • Mother's Day
  • Love & Respect Video Conference at church (6 weeks)
  • Garage Sale
  • Grandparent's Day at The Oaks Academy
  • The Oaks Academy Spring Program
  • Graduation for Seth's brother Nate from Taylor University - way to go, Nate!
  • My sister and her family will visit Indiana for Memorial Day Weekend
  • Preparation for Seth's sister's wedding on June 4
  • Preparation for Asher's 4th birthday, which is June 5
  • Preparation for Isaac's last day of kindergarten, which is June 2 (any ideas on how to celebrate?)
  • Plant garden and flowers
  • Finish office room/craft room project...more on that later
It's going to be a busy, but very F U N month!

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