Monday, February 27, 2012

Baltimore Trip Part 2

In addition to seeing Tiffany's amazing artwork, Mom, Summer, Aimee, and I got to see Tiffany's campus, house, studio, and town! What a special time we had together! Thank you to Seth and Brian for keeping the kiddos at home...we missed you, the kids, and Dad.

1. A Ravens picture for Isaac and Asher.

2. One of Tiffany's favorite parts of Baltimore, Fell's Point.

3. Fell's Point

4. Fell's Point

5. This Hoosier had to get plenty of pictures of the ocean! I know it's a bay, but close enough.

6. Summer and Tiffany

7. Tiffanys street where she lives.

8. Tiffany's cute house!

9. Tiffany, me, Aimee, Summer, and Mom - so happy to be together!

10. Tiffany and me

11. Our fun car for the weekend.

12. Aimee and Mom in front of Tiffany's house.

13. Tiffany's studio space is inside MICA Place.

14. Tiff's studio paints.

15. The artist's studio - a great space!

16. Figuring out the parking meter - cracks me up

17. Me and Tiffany in her classroom.

18. The outside of her main classroom building.

19. MICA

20. In Tiffany's classroom.

21. In Tiffany's classroom.

22. In Tiffany's classroom.

23. In Tiffany's classroom.

24. In Tiffany's classroom.

25. In Tiffany's classroom.

26. In Tiffany's classroom.

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