Monday, February 27, 2012

Baltimore Trip Part 1

What an amazing time we had in Baltimore! Mom, Summer, and I flew from Indianapolis and Aimee flew from Boston to have a girls weekend with our youngest sis Tiffany. She is a 1st year grad student at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) downtown. She is in the MFA in Community Arts program. She and her classmates have an exhibition from now until March 8. We were able to be there for the opening weekend! Well, Aimee was able to be there, but Mom, Summer, and I had so many flight delays that we missed the actual opening night (so sad!), but we were able to get to see everything the next day with Tiffany as our tour guide. We got to meet several of her classmates (not all, but hopefully someday we'll get to meet).

Tiffany's exhibition project is called The Shedding Room. She can do a MUCH better job of explaining it than I can, so if you want the full explanation, give Tiff a call :) The bottom line is that Tiffany is an amazing artist and I'm so proud of her!

Tiffany's description of The Shedding Room:

shedding and regeneration.

when cells die they naturally move out of the body.
dead skin, fingernails, toenails, hair
physical shedding.

when thoughts need to die, they don't leave on their own.
emotions, ideas, memories, obsessions
they need you to let go of them. sometimes they need you to force them out.
emotional shedding.

This installation was inspired by snakes and the transformative power of Michael Jackson's 1979 hit "Don't Stop Til Ya Get Enough."

1. "Dialogical" is the name of the exhibition.

2. Two of Tiffany's classmates' projects. The one on the right is a video.

3. One of Tiffany's roommates' projects. All of the girls!

4. Mom, me, Tiffany, and Summer.

5. Mom and Tiffany.

6. Tiffany showing the circle that she sanded into The Shedding Room.

7. Explaining to us the meaning of The Shedding Room (see below).

8. Classmates' presentation.

9. Aimee viewing Tiffany's video outside The Shedding Room.

10. Entrance to Shedding Room.

11. Closeup of tile.

12. Shedding Room

13. Description of Shedding Room.

14. Tiffany

15. Another close-up of a panel.

16. MICA

17. MICA campus

18. Tiffany and Aimee at one of Tiffany's favorite cafes.

19. Tiffany's street.

20. Great job, Tiffany!

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