Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The First of February

The first day of a new month sometimes goes unnoticed. Other times, it greets you with a smile...and a bunch of ice. Today it is the first of February and I have time to stop and think, since we are frozen into our house by an ice storm. Seth did end up going to work this afternoon, but we were home together this morning. He said the garage door was even frozen shut! I prefer watching the winter wonderland from my cozy window seat.

I am so excited to start my reading list for 2011. In fact, I cheated and started early. Is it really cheating if I make up the rules? I guess it's the student in me, but I planned out how many chapters I need to read per week per book to accomplish my goals. I have finished this week's reading of Childwise so far. I have read it before, so it is a quick read for me, but full of practical parenting tips and encouragement. I haven't started Growing Kids God's Way yet. It is more of a workbook type of book, so I need to do that at a table, rather than reading in bed like I usually do. The book that I am enjoying the most right now is The 5 Love Languages. You often hear references to this book, but I have never read it. I am enjoying it for my marriage, but also applying it to my kids. I have just started the book, so I don't know for sure, but I think my main love language is acts of service. Seth and Isaac's are quality time. I'm not sure about Asher yet.

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