Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello June

June is here! It's hard to believe 2011 is halfway over...Asher turns 4 in four days...Isaac is almost done with kindergarten. The following quote has been going through my mind recently:

"The days are long, but the years are short."

— Gretchen Rubin (The Happiness Project)

I have already posted once about our summer vacation plans. I am aiming to have a plan, but not be overly structured. Our days need structure, but too much structure can be stifling. I want to be able to go see family or spend the day with friends if the opportunity arises.

Our month of May was great! We accomplished everything on the list and had a great month. I hope June is just as good :)
  • Read! Update my reading list and keep reading.
  • Isaac's last day of school is June 2.
  • Seth's sister Katie gets married to Brian on June 4th!
  • Asher's 4th birthday is June 5th.
  • We are getting bunk beds for the boys.
  • Strawberry picking at Spencer Farms.
  • Help my sister Tiffany pack for grad school.
  • Start Book Club with my church friends. This month's book is Heaven is for Real.
  • Camp Oaks Art Camp for Isaac June 13-17.
  • Father's Day June 19th.
  • Vacation Bible School at our church June 20-24. The boys will attend. I will teach a Pre-K group (need to prepare and decorate my rooms!).
  • Cars 2 comes out in the theater June 24. The boys are counting down the days. Our family goes to the theater usually once a year.
  • Visit my Grandpa Black in Illinois.
  • Swim lessons for the boys Tuesdays/Thursdays for three weeks.
  • Finish the Love & Respect Conference at church. This is a great video conference!
  • With the boys: Nature walks, YMCA pool, Bike rides, Playdates with friends.
  • Behavior chart for the boys. I am horrible at being consistent with charts for the kids. I am going to stick with it for the summertime! This is a continuation of Isaac's chart from kindergarten that his teachers created. It's a yes/no chart. I'm trying something new for the summertime. For each "yes" that the boys get on their charts, they get 2 minutes of Wii time. Each day has nine boxes, so each day they get the chance to have 18 minutes of Wii time.
  • Home projects: Garden, flowers, bunk beds, paint kitchen table.
That sounds like a full, fun month! Happy June!

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